Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Book and the Film

I am beginning to understand that Virtue at the Coffeehouse will have to be a film as well as a written text. There's just no way around it. I anticipate meeting a lot of compelling figures as I travel from town to town in search of poets, their work, and their stories. I have $3000 in grant money now, and should I be lucky enough to win this year's Scholar on Campus award from my school, New York City College of Technology, I would have another $3000. This money would pay for a lot of my travel. How to film?, then, would be the question.

Well, I know a few things. I have a camcorder. I have a video phone. I have an old Mac. I have editing software. With a little money from Kickstarter, I could add to the basic equipment, learn a little more about editing, and pull it off. I'm not sure where Virtue could or would ultimately show, but I also know this is why festivals exist. 

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